About Us


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

Our Story


The Panafrican Hemp Association was originally founded by Malobi Ogbechie. As a person that believes in sustainability, he stumbled upon hemp from a very early age. That led to a lot of research in understanding the differences between hemp and its more popular cousin marijuana.

Also having looked at the success of the European and American Hemp Associations, he understood the need to build long lasting institutions for pushing ideas and movements forward. Therefore the Panafrican Hemp Association was born out of a need to represent the African Hemp movement worldwide from both the political and economic spheres of influence.

Our mission is to educate governments, civilians and companies on the many qualities and products that can be made from this versatile plant; From textiles to construction and everything in between, there are thousands of uses for this extraordinary plant. In addition, we advocate and enable healthy investment environment for hemp projects on the continent.

We are growing every day and we hope you can join us on this journey.



What We Do


We work with policy advisors, lawyers and activists to push the Panafrican Hemp movement forwards.


We work with both the public and private sector, helping them to design and execute hemp related projects in Africa.


We look to have a networking event at least once a year either on or offline. We also have a group chat. We also host regular zoom meetings.

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We look to bring investors on board with opportunities we have on ground. Both big and small.

Our Mission & Approach

We aim to be the go to Association for anything to do with hemp in Africa. Whether you are looking to invest, advocate, network, learn etc we will be there for you.

We will put in the effort so that Africa is not left behind on the green rush.


The Board

Malobi Ogbechie

Malobi Ogbechie

Managing Director